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I'm getting annoyed at my Standard Horizon - too quiet and the battery gets sucked to nothing in just a few hours, even with the GPS turned off (which it bleeps and complains about). Now one of my crew decided to fuck around with it and snapped off the cap that stops water flowing into the external microphone outlet. Time to upgrade because new batteries are a stupid price and, even if I fix that, it will still be too quiet when it's windy.

I'm doing a lot of glider flying as well as sailing, and it would be nice to have a unit that has marine and aviation bands selectable. Does anyone make such a thing? A quick Google search didn't show up any combined units. 

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I know sailors like to decry iPads and the like, but one of my friends flies a 737 for a major commercial airline and uses an iPad as his backup navigation device.

I figure if he's confident enough to use it as a backup device on a commercial airliner with 150 people on board, I should be able to use it as my go-to navigation device. 

A major advantage of a commodity product like an iPad is that the R&D and testing involved dwarfs anything that the recreational marine industry could sustain. 

Plus the screen is big enough that I can actually hope to see it with my increasingly defective eyes.

Note that you need one with cellular capability to get built-in GPS, which still works just fine without an actual cellular plan, plus a waterproof case. 

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Harder than you think, with airband using AM and marine using FM. With some of the Chinese HTs, you can actually program in the right frequency, but you won't hear much (if anything) and will transmit even less.

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20 hours ago, Wet Spreaders said:

I'm actually talking about a VHF. I want a combined airband and marine band radio so I only need to buy one unit to cover both hobbies

Technically such a transceiver is easy to create. I think ICOM makes aviation radios that work those bands in both AM and FM. FM for weather, I think. Trivial with modern smart chips. But the market for such a device does not warrant selling one. Certification is problematic and expensive. In the modern regulatory environment they would need to prevent marine TX from aircraft and vice versa.

An advantage of aircraft radios is they are really loud. But are they waterproof?

Buy one of each. Standard makes great radios. But ICOM is a bit better in the details in my opinion.

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