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Gravediggers wearing protective suits at work in Vila Nova Cachoeirinha cemetery in São Paulo

Gravediggers wearing protective suits at work in Vila Nova Cachoeirinha cemetery in São Paulo, Photograph: Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

The Brazilian city of São Paulo has sped up efforts to empty old graves to make room for a soaring number of Covid deaths as the sprawling metropolis registered record daily burials this week.

As the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic has put a number of Brazilian states in “critical condition”, gravediggers worked on Thursday to open the tombs of people buried years ago, bagging decomposed remains for removal to another location.


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Just as the US screwed itself by electing the incompetent and idiotic Trump who messed up the response to the virus so royally that we have world-leading deaths, so Brazil screwed itself by electing Bolsonaro and are are now reaping the results of an incompetent leader to minimizes the severity of this pandemic. We had a Brazilian graduate student live with us for 6 months in 2019 and she returned to this chaotic situation so we get regular updates. She lives primarily in Sao Paulo where things are really bad now, but also spent some time with her mother in Manaus, which has now suffered two waves of infections and deaths.

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