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As you think the world is advancing and products becoming Safer as well as more reliable.. YOU ARE WRONG !!

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that Fone and yer Kamera Batteries # The SAME Risk

This was a Battery Pack at a place I drive for now and then

was on the proper charger with All the safe guards working

Only 1 cell exploded into flames - then those to each side and on and on

This happened in a clear spot yet in the office ,,, lacking Fuel close by so flames did not spread

fire extinguisher was Wasted as it ain't No Use in That situation

The Building Saved !!

Na Fire Dudes Hosed it All and the Smoke went everywhere

Looks OK from Outside BUT needs to be Gutted

You likely have a few or more things that cane do the same while charging around yer house

Like a tablet, Laptop, shaver .... or those thing She Plugs in while You are gone


This posted to me FB page:

As you think the world is advancing and products becoming Safer as well as more reliable.. YOU ARE WRONG !! take this battery bank that was left on the charger with All the Built-in safeguards... 1 cell exploded taking out the others next to it and they did the same over and over. This Lithium Fire Goes out by itself.... When it's Damn Good and Ready and NOT Until. This from yesterday was at a Company I drive for when I can.... Thankfully it was NOT being charged around a bunch of fuel... Smoke & Water Damage is what needs to be dealt with now..... It was That or the Whole Place would have Burnt or Melted ... this the better case of possibilities










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1 hour ago, Rasputin22 said:

You really should cleaned the smoke off your lens before taking those photos...

DAGO SunShine glare

Butt thanks

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Many flavors of Lithium batteries (& charging systems) out in the public - some safer than others. Would have to know specifics to put any judgements on them.

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Until we get to nanoscale energy production as happens in cells, high energy density will always correspond to fire risk. Don't make big piles of Lithium batteries, even if they come from trusted vendors. Boeing and Tesla have learned this the hard way.


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