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"Foiler Racing Yacht" For Sale- What is it?

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Spotted this on Apollo Duck UK while I should have been working this morning - looks like a single cat hull with some mad foils hanging off the side. 


The text of the ad is:


"Foiler racing yacht in poor condition, requires fibreglass work to the hull and painting. Comes with outriggers, mast and sail.
Selling on behalf of a deceased friend's wife. I have no idea if it is complete or history of this yacht, but it appears to be all there. The trailer needs two tyres before going on the road.Located at the East Sussex Gliding Club Ringmer."


The only picture attached is this, and here's the link to the ad


Anyone know what it is? Was is probably the more accurate description at the moment. 



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Someone stuffed their glider into this guy's farm, and he's just trying to get rid of the debris. Figured the wings would be just as effective under water as in the air.


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A product in the 1970s. Slender monohull with Bruce style stabilizing foils.  Built in Cornwall, I believe.

used to advertise in Yachts and Yachting.  Never saw one in the flesh, I suspect they weren’t very flash.


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