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Owner comes to us with inner tube and hose claps (not) keeping water out of the tube of the sprit on a J 130 whose original wiper assembly is long gone.  Can't get a replacement from Jboats and a former after market fabricator no longer deals with this.  Currently perusing Mcmaster Carr but nothing great yet.



Thanks for any suggestions

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Try looking at lip seals for rudder bearings from  Jeffa / PYI   

they come in many ID's  by individual MM increments

used them on my own sprit as well as many other boats I've made in past for custom sprit installs

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I have a J130 as well and really don’t have an issue with water entering the cabin. It does enter the anchor locker and then run out the drains. The tube that support my pole has a cut out in the bottom of it that prevents water from entering the cabin. I don’t know when that was done but it does work. I have had the boat for about 10 months. 

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