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Tacktick Wind Sensor -> B&G

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Hi everyone,

It seems the bearings in my Tacktick wind sensor died over the winter. $600 to replace something I don't particularly love seems too steep.

I'm inclined to go with the B&G WS310 wired, as there is a TV antenna that needs to get removed anyway and I can chase the cable through. However, it seems the reviews on the wireless WS320 are quite positive and it would be nice to skip that part.

Any experiences people have with the Bluetooth sensor on the WS320 locations would be appreciated. I'd prefer to put mine in the nav station (mid ships, starboard - basically be right under the deck), but I have a companionway option as well.

More trickily, I need to do this with the rig up. I'm inclined to get a plate of 6061, drill it to match the holes on the existing mount to the mast, then drill/tap to mount the B&G. Any reasons why that genius plan would go awry?

If it helps, this is going to feed into an N2K network and back out to the tacktick displays, for now. Medium term goal is to replace the original autopilot with a modern one, likely B&G, and the SailSteer requires the higher frequency wind sensor.


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On 4/24/2021 at 9:46 AM, dinghysailor said:

You can replace the bearings in the tacktick wind sensor for like $10.  There’s another thread buried somewhere where we work through getting the unit open...

Yup, turns out I'm a dummy. A few minutes of googling and $8 with Uncle Jeff Bezos and parts will be here shortly. Thanks!

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