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Best Solid Vang for J-80

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We just bought a mint J-80 in Michigan that is equipped with a Boomkicker vang using twin fiberglass rods that act like a leaf spring under compression from the weight of the boom or from tension from a purchase system. In our search for a boat before we found this one, we had never seen the Boomkicker design with most boats we observed having a pneumatic or spring loaded rod system controlled by a purchase.

Pros or cons for the Boomkicker?


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I've had both, the boom kicker is simple, light and doesn't have any seals that will eventually leak.  The only drawback is that it it visually bigger and may interfere with your instruments when then vang is puled on hard since it bends towards the mast.  But, if it's already installed, I would assume that the geometry has been worked out.

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