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Shoutout to RS Sailing, Quest Sail and Englewood Sailing Club

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Just wanted to inform the crowd that this grassroots volunteer club down in Englewood is 1st rate.

Not to say it's for you super-sailors (heavy duty racers) - SSS is more for such fleets. But these folks are welcoming and worthwhile supporting (money, help, etc.).

So, I wanted to look at a Quest - I asked our Factory guy here about it and he remembered that this Club had bought 1/2 dozen of them. I emailed the Club and, lo and behold, they invited me down to sail one! The Prez and I took one out for an hour during their normal Wed, morning Adult sailing.

They have various other boats - some of you within reach (driving, etc.) may want to join just to support and/or if you wanted a test sail in one of their fleet boats you can pay the yearly fee ($100) for unlimited sailing and just grab a boat on their open days (wed and various other random times as they announce). They are mostly about camps for youth although I think they also teach adults.

The whole deal was a fine example of How It Should Be - in terms of how a fellow sailor was treated. 

Oh, the Quest? As one who appreciates good engineering, I was extremely impressed with how well it was thought out. I sailed the boat as crew and at the helm in 15mph gusts and 10-12 breeze. It seems a great boat for 1-3 crew for family sailing and 1 or 2 for heavy weather. These boats are designed for use and abuse.

The biggest "con" in these boats is the weight - which may be a plus in terms of stability. Rotomolding has come a long way in terms of the detailing possible in the molding, but it still seems to require a thick and heavy hull. The trailer they were using was steel (not sure if that's factory trailer), but it would surely benefit from using a aluminum dolly or trailer. Given a relatively flat launching area, I could probably do it by myself (67, but am beast of burden). It does, however, make one yearn for something 30 or 40% lighter that has most of the same capabilities and features. I've been somewhat stuck on having a bench seat inside a dinghy for those family members I'd bring along - that usually requires a larger and heavier boat. Frankly, I've never sailed a dinghy other than old catalinas or precisions or American sail - so really don't know if that bench seat is important for an old audience like myself. I had zero problem sitting on the boat itself and even slipping my feel under the straps and leaning back a bit. Whether I will still feel that way in 5 years may be another story. I've started to delve through the old threads here and elsewhere on "older dinghy sailors".....

Anyway, those who have the bucks and.or time and inclination, that is a nice club to support although it may not be your "drinking and always racing" style!


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