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Any Hope for Bent Pulpit?

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I just finished remounting mine after similar - a powerboater took out his big window with mine at the dock. Actually worked in my favour because it was badly scratched up from decades of wire halyards. Polishing it, the stanchions and new lifelines were all on the list so this just advanced the work. Having someone else pay the freight was a bonus.

Once before a trucker bashed my boat into a tree and did it to the stern rail.

Both times a piece was spliced undetectably by a local shop (Irion) who did all the S/S work for the superyachts that were built here a few years back. I've been dealing with them for 45 years but unfortunately, this time I learned they will close later this summer.

Expect to spend about 1/2 a boat buck just for the S/S work.

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I replaced mine over the winter after a boat dragged down onto me.  Top was kinked -- no way to repair/cut based on the location.  Also, welds at the base had cracked (looked as though they had been repaired once already).  I ended up having a new rail fabricated by Whitewater Marine -- they did a great job and turned it around in about 2 weeks (over the winter).   No affiliation -- just a recommendation.

  image.thumb.png.6b1364d4ff55bd1b6e45b62d19f672bb.png   image.thumb.png.1fd78baa1b9bda4acaad4a9558d9d709.png

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Hi All,

I wanted update this thread for future seekers.

As suggested, we removed the pulpit and took it to a local fabricator (who happens to be a sailor as well).                                             

For $800 he cut off the bent section, installed short sections of connecting tubing, and then re-welded it.  Expensive but well done, I think.  Here's the link to the shop if you're on eastern Long Island, NY - The Irony

Some pics below, plus a bonus shot of the family mascot.






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I had the front leg replaced on mine and a serious sanding/polishing job done to remove 40 years of wire halyard scars for less than $500 - and the repair was invisible.

If I was Hoo I'd find a new fabricator.

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Damn. I didn’t think it’d be that pricey. The pulpit on my new toy isn’t damaged, but it’s also not legal for some distance races. I just need a hoop welded on to connect the two pieces halfway up. 


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On 7/29/2021 at 4:51 PM, Monkey said:

Damn. I didn’t think it’d be that pricey.


On 7/29/2021 at 6:46 PM, SloopJonB said:

It shouldn't be and usually isn't.

OP says that the fabricator he used is in ”eastern Long Island” but more specifically, it’s in East Hampton. Vanity Fair ran an article about the area on July 27, 2021:


Prices are ballooning as an influx of city dwellers subsumes the East End. “There’s so much money now it’s nauseating,” said one longtime homeowner. “I’m a 1-percenter. But I bear no resemblance to these people.”

From the article:

She blames the pandemic for the new crowd and Donald Trump’s tax cuts for making the wealthy even wealthier over the past four years. “Everyone with money is here,” she said. “If I weren’t here already, I wouldn’t come now. The conspicuous consumption is just gross.” After repeatedly passing by a house that belongs to “one of those hedge fund guys,” and watching him have enormous, fully-grown trees planted day after day, she said she finally stopped to ask the dozen or so workers on site about the cost. “They said they thought $50,000 to $75,000 a day,” she said. “I would suspect it’s closer to $100,000.” 


Any questions ? (:-)

My grandmother who fled 3 East European countries (and lost everything / started over 3x) in order to get away from “communism” / dirigisme / dictatorship / autocracy” would have said that these kinds of excesses are what created the problems over there, but like Sinclair Lewis wrote many years ago “It Can’t Happen Here” so no worries etc, Nick Hannauer notwithstanding (worried billionaire - see YouTube/TED).

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My apologies for getting a bit off the subject, and for getting all “geopolitically dystopic” so early on a Sunday morning (:-)

Here is a link to the plutocrat Nick Hannauer’s video:

Happy Sailing and Happy Anarchy,


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