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My M2 verticals are old and have had some repairs but these are the dimensions you ask for.

At the bottom of the hull the foil is 130mm chord and 22mm thick. At the deck it is 110mm chord and 20mm thick. The back of the board with in the case is close to vertical, so the front slopes aft from bottom to top. You should allow some extra for adjustment of rake. The top of the board has 3 x 6mm holes at 10mm c-c which when matched to the 3 holes in the deck plate at diferent spacing gives a m2 +/- 1/2deg adjustment. You may need more if you dod not get the case angles exactly the same as a M2. I dod not have one any more so can not measure it.

I would make the case 20mm bigger fore and aft and insert a sacrifical wooden insert at the bottom to save hull damage if you run aground.

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I no longer have a M2 and my foil has thickenning tomatch my existing hull, which is shallower. So I can not tell you the hull depth for a M2. 

If you plan to layup your own foils with dry fibre and ambiant cure epoxy you will need to virtually fill the mold with fibre to get it stiff enough. The few I have made, I filled each half of the mold and vacuumed each half. Then ground the faces to match and glued thetwo halves, still in the molds together.  The professionals use higher modulus prepreg, high temp curing and some use autoclaves. This makes the laminate much stronger and much stiffer.

For the peg at the bottom which fits into the socket on the horizontal foil, glued ambiant cure/dry fibre will not be strong enough. The stresses are just too high. I have repaired a few broken pegs with ac/df but have inserted stainless steel bars or plates to take the sheer loads. 2x9mm bars or 10x30mm plates extending up 150mm into the foil have both worked for me, but you can not build the super thin bottom ends which are the go fast must have at present. The McKay Beiker has a titanium insert.

Good luck. 

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