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America's Cup sensor system, but for pennies?

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I'm envious of all the sailing sensors that the AC boats have. I'd love to be able to instrument a boat with a similar package, but obviously don't really have any driving need-- nor budget!-- for the stuff they've got. Still, I feel like I could have some good fun if I had the 1% version, so long as it came for 1% of the price. I could certainly have fun teaching myself to sail better if I had the high quality data they do.

Does anyone know of a COTS instrumentation package out there for sailboat performance? I'm not really picky that it do any one exact thing or the other, I'm generally looking for fun data-driven ways to explore my sailing limits.

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19 hours ago, skm1950 said:

Does anyone know of a COTS instrumentation package out there for sailboat performance?

No need to reinvent the wheel - B&G H5000 w/Hercules processor is COTS and solves 99% of anything you need for a standard monohull. 

The limits are not in the tech - it's in the expertise and time to properly calibrate the system and maintain that calibration throughout the season. 

With any of these systems, once the accuracy of the measuring equipment is within a few percent, the performance limit is in the the ability to adjust for the non-linear response rates and interdependencies between wind, boatspeed, heel, direction, etc variables.



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Considering the amount of open source info associated with Arduino/Raspberry Pi I think that this is becoming a reality very quickly. Also considering that Signal K is starting to gain some traction then perhaps if you spend years developing it then something might work out for you but at a point you have to put a value on your time vs what could be bought readily available on the market. 

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