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thank you for the greetings, things are still pretty wonky trying to do this so just bear with me and My energy level is low but I know this is good to bring my brain back online so I'll keep posting

Setting up this thread again has really helped flush out part of the brain fog that keeps hanging over me.  

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On 6/8/2021 at 11:53 AM, SloopJonB said:
On 6/7/2021 at 8:43 PM, hobot said:

For the ex-swabbies amongst us, is it true that no-one can be on deck when those monsters shoot?

I heard the concussion would damage or kill anyone out of doors when they go off.

I can confirm that for the US battleships brought back into commission ~ 1980 or so, which is what I think this is a photo of, yes you're supposed to stay the fuck away... main & 01 & 02 decks secured when firing. I suspect became common practice in other navies back in the day.

I was off the coast of Lebanon in '83 when the USS NEW JERSEY fired broadsides into PLO positions that were threatening US troops. You could feel the muzzle blast from 2 ~ 3 miles away.

- DSK (ex-BT1 USN)

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