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thank you for the greetings, things are still pretty wonky trying to do this so just bear with me and My energy level is low but I know this is good to bring my brain back online so I'll keep posting

Thanks Nimbus. The whole reset of the SA website where all the pages were wiped clean really had me at a low point. The last six months of it's life I had been just stomping on the gas pedal tryi

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On 6/8/2021 at 11:53 AM, SloopJonB said:
On 6/7/2021 at 8:43 PM, hobot said:

For the ex-swabbies amongst us, is it true that no-one can be on deck when those monsters shoot?

I heard the concussion would damage or kill anyone out of doors when they go off.

I can confirm that for the US battleships brought back into commission ~ 1980 or so, which is what I think this is a photo of, yes you're supposed to stay the fuck away... main & 01 & 02 decks secured when firing. I suspect became common practice in other navies back in the day.

I was off the coast of Lebanon in '83 when the USS NEW JERSEY fired broadsides into PLO positions that were threatening US troops. You could feel the muzzle blast from 2 ~ 3 miles away.

- DSK (ex-BT1 USN)

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The FLW Samuel Freeman house is supposed to be there somewhere, but I can’t see it, unless it has been heavily modified and painted white.


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Mr. Pawnbroker... what do those three balls mean on your wall?

That means it's two to one, buddy, you'll never get your shit back outa here at all!

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On 6/9/2021 at 11:21 AM, boomer said:

Unfortunately BMW has lost their way. The last good 5 series was the E-39 and the last good 3 series was the E-46, in both build quality, driving dynamics and driving pleasure. Close a door on either of those and it feels and sounds like closing a bank vault. Close a door on the later generations, E-60 to F10 to a G-30, and they feel like a ricer door.

In the E39, the seating position, steering, handling, engine response are almost Zen like. You can feel variations in the road transmitted to you by seat and steering wheel. The E-39 and E-46 set new standards in cabin quietness. However, BMW didn't take all noises away. It deliberately left the engine noise untouched. Normally under civilized use, the engine revved quietly. Once floored down the throttle, the beautiful roar of the engine inducted into the cabin and raised the pulse of its driver.

The same driver involvement could be found in handling, especially in the gasoline six-cylinder E39s, the 525i, 528i & 530i achieved 50:50 percent front to rear weight distribution, they turned into corners neutrally and eagerly.

The E-39 set benchmark in dynamics for the executive car class, bringing small-car agility to the class for the first time. The steering was beautifully weighted and very feelsome. Other human interfaces were also tuned to near perfect - slick gearshift, perfectly sited driving position, pedals and instrument, comfy seats - superb ergonomics combined with impeccable build quality.

Its successors actually failed to match it in a number of key areas. The E39 5-series was definitely a masterpiece of its time. It raised the standard so high that arch-rival Mercedes E-class took 2 generations to catch it - and just marginally. It also forced the BMW engineers responsible for it's successors to go to the extreme, employing some pre-matured technologies such as active steering, aluminum front structure and i-Drive, just wanted to better the E39. Unfortunately, the successors still fails to match the integrity of E39, especially in subjective aspect like handling, build, quality and design.

E39 vs E60




Booms, You seem like a BMW guy, so here goes.  I have my dad's 2007 525I stick.  Love the car, but it is coming to the point where it will need some maintenance.  No leaks, just the usual BMW warnings etc.  Just using it as a grocery getter atm.  Do I have a gem on my hands and do I throw some $$ at it or is it just Meh??  180K, one owner everything works, garage stored.  Old man driver for the last 10 yrs :)

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