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I get some moisture dripping through the cabin top below the clutches on either side of my J30. 

Without rebedding the clutch(which has been done recently) any suggestions for drying things out and stopping the leak?


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Have the holes for the bolts that secure the clutches been epoxied to prevent core damage?  If not, stopping the leak by any means other the rebedding the clutch would seem to assure core damage.  And in any case, if the clutches were propperly bedded they wouldn't leak so I can't see not rebbeding them.  

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44 minutes ago, Rusty_trombone said:

They have been epoxied, yes.  I fear that rebedding might be the only solution...


It seems intimidating to do just a couple fittings. Think of it as training to do them all. By the time you've done 10-20, the next hundred are easy.

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On 5/15/2021 at 6:47 AM, sailman said:

I have found that using a counter sink bit helps with bedding.  It gives a much better area for the compound/sealer to seat.

This^^^^^. Most of the high end builders will countersink all deck fitting holes. 

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