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Total douchebags as you’d suspect.  This is why I don’t thank soldiers for their service anymore than I do a teacher.

The letter begins by asserting that “Our Nation is in deep peril,” and that “We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.” 

The nation has arrived at this precipice, the letter argues, because of election fraud. “Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the ‘will of the people,’ our Constitutional Republic is lost,” it states, adding that the “FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020.”




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It was a blatant and totally partisan slam, something the military demands that the officer corp avoid. I hope the Chief of Staff runs mental health exams for the whole bunch of them.

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Wow. I checked scopes, thinking this had to be a parody, or perhaps some trumped up bs off Parler or its ilk.

125! How did so many get bought off so easily to sign that repletion of lies, lies, and more lies.

Sadly, after checking a number of newspapers, looks legitimately to be a picture of much of the mind rot of the past US military "leadership."

No wonder foreign pay-ops and cyber-warriors are having such an easy time of screwing the West if (I still hope it's *if*) such leaders don't know how to evaluate sources.

Time to look at the Mars project and remind myself that the USA can still be inspirational, not delusional.

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All you need now is for the religious zealots to chime in with their equally uneducated and self serving agenda.

Oh.....hang on...


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22 minutes ago, Laker said:

Generals and Admirals never really retire.  They are listed only as not in service.

It would appear a good number are not of service.

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Some names that won't be on that list: Mattis, McChrystal, Petraeus, McMaster, Kelly, Powell, Mullen, Dempsey, Dunford, McRaven...  

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Below is the letter in full . . 

Turns out that not many higher ranking military retirees signed on  . . 

Nonetheless, it is scary as shit. 

How can anyone direct a large (military or otherwise) organization . . 

with such scant grasp on reality ????????????????  

I'm thinking they must have slept through Poly Sigh 


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these dipshit yahoos know they're pissing up a rope, but ideology is a powerful drug.

if they want to be stupid, I wish they'd go slam their heads against a concrete wall instead.

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The signatures should be rounded up discreetly at 2am nationwide.  Once they've had 72 hours in the hole, no water, no light, they should be given an opportunity to recant their support.  If the recant, they should be made to state so publicly on live TV and social media.  If they choose to retain their traitor status, they should be treated exactly as Generalissimo Mussolini and his supporters at the end of WWII.



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Download the letter. Read the signatories carefully.  All white. All male.  Not a single minority or woman among them.  This is the group that wants to revert Amurika to 1950 or 1850 when women were mute and blacks were 3/5 a person.  We have a modern name for them: NAZIS.  Our fathers fought to the death against these fckrz 75 years ago.  Perhaps it time for a Night of the Long Knives and Krystalnacht all over again...but this time, the Nazis are on the receiving end.  Sign this form to join up:

  1. Emperor Timur
  40. ...
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7 hours ago, Navig8tor said:

Well its good to have a list of people that no longer require their military pensions. The guvmint could maybe transfer them where they get paid in roubles.

Actually, this is what the govt should pursue. See if they broke the MCOJ, court martial and kill the pension. Bunch of fucking takers, likely milking the system as defense contractors now hoping to keep spending high. Criminal.

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Well, there IS a "RADM Jack Meehoff USN Retired" in there so there MAY be some funny business there, or 

just a guy with cruel parents.

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6 hours ago, Mike G said:

Well, there IS a "RADM Jack Meehoff USN Retired" in there so there MAY be some funny business there, or 

just a guy with cruel parents.

Well, you and I think that, sure

Bubbleheads would not find anything funny in that

- DSK (former tin can sailor)

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Thanks to those who checked if those names on the list are 'real.' I honestly wondered if those “Flag Officers 4 America”  knew their names were on that list.

Still wish I could find the back story behind who decided to recruit those officers and persuade them to sign, and how that campaign was funded. Many years ago was persuaded to sign a petition, only to feel later betrayed by how that petition was used. 

Hope those officers weren't betrayed or socially 'hacked.'  

Suspect we'll never hear the consequences of their action. At the very least, I'd guess whatever access to military information they had has not been improved.

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