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Looking for opinions...  what have folks used and liked for accurate depth and speed indication on smaller keel boats (think J22)?  I'm considering adding something "installed" before putting her in the water.

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Save yourself the aggro of cutting holes in the bottom for anything.

Stick to GPS type devices - Velocitek, Speed Puck Etc..... these will corroborate the Helm Feel, Trim cycle to actual numbers that you need to establish good overall performance. A Tacktick compass is essential. Pair the two devices together and you are mostly there. Then you can chase Rig settings and sheet tensions to match.

Depth is nice but not essential. And for the courses that a J22 is likely to be on, you will already know where to go for tidal advantage.

I don't know the J22 class personally, but having done a lot of Skiff, Sportboat, Keelboat and Bigger racing, I feel you should refocus your attentions to an easier (and cheaper set up). Good Luck.

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On 5/21/2021 at 8:19 PM, Boink said:


Depth is nice but not essential.


Ultimately depends where you sail

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On 5/22/2021 at 11:11 PM, Swanno said:

Ultimately depends where you sail

This is quite true. however...

never owned or raced a 22, but i've seen hundreds of em in Annapolis and Charleston and all over New England. 

I've yet to see a single one with built in's requiring a thru hull transducer. I'm sure someone somewhere has done it. 

but if you're 1D racing a J22, I can't imagine an RC anywhere taking you to a course where you can't go depthwise. 

I think you'd be better served with paper charts and/or some kinda Nav tablet with a chartplotter. 

+1 on Tacktick and speedpuck type devices. 

if your deadset on a depthsounder, try one of those that are mounted inside the hull.. 

if you're racing a J22, you want your head outside the boat, not staring at an instrument cluster trying to figure out what the current is doing to you.

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