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Hi all! 

First time poster, long time lurker. I recently moved to Brooklyn from Connecticut for law school and wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion of where I could keep my Laser in either NYC (Brooklyn/Queens as I can't imagine Manhattan has options I could afford) or LI as I do have a car with me. It really doesn't have to be much facilities wise-- I only use it recreational and currently have it stored outside. I just want to be able to get it on a trailer and walk it down to the water easily enough.


Appreciate any and all tips or suggestions.. Much appreciated! 

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None of this is from personal experience, but I'm a sailor living in Brooklyn, and have occasionally tried to figure out something similar.

Sebago Canoe Club is located in Jamaica Bay.  They're a small-boat club with sailors too (https://sebagocanoeclub.org/sailing/).  I don't know too much else, but I know they organize some Laser racing.

There are a few yacht clubs in Sheepshead Bay with a sailing focus, see https://www.miramaryc.com/ and http://www.sheepsheadbayyachtclub.com/.  I don't know too much about them, but you might want to enquirer to see if they have a way to store a dinghy..

Gateway Marina (https://gateway-marina.com/) is a large marina in Rockaway Inlet.  I know that have beach cats, which launch from the shore there too, so I imagine with the right dolly you could store and lunch a Laser from there.

If you're willing to travel further out, the south shore bays of Long Island are shallow, breezy, but not too wavy, perfect dinghy sailing conditions.  A few clubs I've heard of that have a dinghy focus are http://www.hempsteadbaysailingclub.org/ and http://nycsail.com/.

The big clubs in Westchester (Larchmont and American Yacht Clubs) offer dinghy storage, and might have some Laser racing, but they have great facilities and a price to match.  Huguenot Yacht Club races Lasers in the winter (https://www.hyc-lasers.org/new_install/index.php).

Finally, while not a place to store your Laser, I recommend you check out the Brooklyn Bridge Sailing Club (https://sc.bbsailclub.com/) : there is no easier way to sail if you live in the borough.

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