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I just purchased a 1990 CL16 and I can not lower the centerboard because the trunk or slot had narrowed in the lower center about 1/8 of and inch pinching the board. Any ideas how to fix this???

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If you can get the board out, shove a bicycle inner tube  inside the trunk and inflate it.  Don’t go crazy. Start with  about ten psi or less of pressure. 
maybe in  a few days the fiberglass will “learn” a new shape 


also... check the Centerboard for  big blisters which could have made the board too thick. 

*** lightly tapping with a hammer snd listening for “hollow” sounds is a good way to check for the sort of delaminated tion which could make the board too thick for  the trunk 


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Thanks for the suggestions. I was able to take the CB from the top. Noticed a few small blisters, but also noticed that the center of the bottom of the trunk is a little narrower over 1/16 of an inch. I will use the bycicle tube as suggested and maybe some wood wedges at the bottom of the trunk.

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