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Teaching a friend to sail

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I want to teach a friend of mine to sail this summer and I was wondering what the best way of doing that is.

I have my laser (full rig) and a motorboat I can use. 

He is also coming with us on a week trip on a pogo 36. 


I was planning on quickly teaching him the basics as far as theory goes and then just going out show him quickly and have him jump on. Basically throwing him into the deep end. Especially since I can't imagine two 18 year olds on a laser so showing him on the boat isn't an option.

 After that on the keelboat I can go deeper into the details of sail trim and all.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?


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My system has been to borrow a friend’s Laser and put the newbie on mine. 
Best time is some steady light wind.  

we go out and sail side by side and there is a lot of “just do what you see me doing”

in an hour or so most people are sailors. 

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yea, I tried to see if there was one I could rent nearby but im bringing mine to the beach house for the summer in an area where there isn't much sailing around. I found a small sailing school that has a few RS fevas so maybe rent one of those for a couple hours..? I remember jumping on one in my opti days so I dont imagine that would work either, simply due to size and weight. 

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