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The Cock is ticking

I read the article and am dumbfounded.

  • The AC is like F1, complete tech on the cutting edge
  • Sail GP is like NASCAR, the team gets a basic craft and fit it to the team
  • But where is the feeder series like F2 or the Xfinity series????

Larry Ellison must be blinded by wealth not to have a global feeder series like the SuperFoiler Series could have been. Attracting college and local talent like sailing has never seen on a GLOBAL SCALE. Fuck the Olympics, that is pure bullshit.

I may not be wealthy but I am not stupid. Either I am in left field or sailing is going to take a big dump.

The next year will determine the future of sailing on the cutting edge. 

Where will it be?

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1 hour ago, Stingray~ said:

Umm, what are you on about? 

nothing, just thinking about the money being spent that does not seem to benefit anyone in particular.

Sailing being the least.

And why to do you chat like an Aussie from the PNW?

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