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On 9/18/2021 at 11:18 AM, Bump-n-Grind said:

Stop and Shop isn't selling bottles of Smart Water for 17.5 cents/ea. They're selling somebody else rebottled, possibly filtered tapwater.     Penn and Teller did a great bit on bottled water on their "Bullshit" show a few years ago. 


Says it's "Acadia spring water" from "Protected springs" in various locations.   Dunno if that's BS, but it tastes better than the well water at work and at home, and no chlorine taste whatsoever.

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22 hours ago, Windward said:

I really hated the curve as a standard.   I do understand it’s appeal at some level, but for many it was an academic kiss of death to work really hard to get a 92% and fail the class.    

life is hard and all that rot…. I think people get turned off by the curve being strictly applied, and get forced a different (and not always better) direction. 

In most schooling, it is not necessary to fail people all the time.   It’s not supposed to be a trial by elimination 

Use the curve where appropriate.   Just not everywhere.  

I had a vicious and wonderful physics teacher in highschool. He graded on a curve.  I was a 50% student. 





B+ :lol:

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21 hours ago, RedTuna said:

Was that like what is now a Designated Engineering Representative?  Scary as can be, if so.

His responsibility was all the cabling in 6 bays (think tall refrigerator) of cabling connecting computer to test equipment, signal sources (waveform generators, X-band generators etc) Spectrum analyzer,  o scopes,, Multimeters,  waveform analyzer,  and units under test.

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