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First of all, I'm indebted to everyone who provided suggestions on re-rigging and cockpit layout for my US 5973. I am getting closer to finishing the key elements and getting this old girl on the water. You folk have been great, thank you.

Question: After mining the resources, I have a notion that this hull is a Parker, probably series 24. HID is JLE059731176 which suggests it was a November 1976 build and I am guessing that the first 3 characters reference the builder. Any truth to this SWAG?

Now if I could only find the 4 Harken cheek blocks I need to finish, I'd be in the berries...

Thank you all again for the leg up!


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JLE seems to be Sartees Imports in Los Altos CA, according to this site: https://everythingaboutboats.org/boat-builders-us-mic2/. Not much info on the web about them.... (Poof- OOB.)  You could try emailing Parker to ask them about your hull #.  They might have a record of it, or might remember selling something to Sartees back in the 70's.  I contacted them about my boat and got an answer back fairly quickly, though it was somewhat cursory. They're more interested in selling new hulls than talking about old ones. 


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