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Not much left of the original boat!  Any race results to see if it was worthwhile? Interesting that the transom was never extended, which is the best mod to make - the stock transom drags half the ocean along with it.

And I'd want to see the laminate schedules for the keel change - they cut away the entire keel stub


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5 hours ago, crashtestdummy said:

There are a few results posted. Rated 1.051 IRC.  Close to Xp44’s.    Middle of pack

 Someone must know details on how it sailed 

That sounds really low for a 45ft boat setup like it is. With the bow mod it’s possible it could lose it’s age allowance but can’t remember the hull percentage. The retracting props aren’t free either 

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I think this is close to the exhaustive list:


Started as a boat called Phoenix (?) which was borderline Abandoned in San Francisco. Bishop bought and rehabbed it and went out and did Big Boat Series because he was an IRC pusher at the time. Wanted to start seeing how a 44 would do in IRC if not restricted by class rules.

I believe the first change was the boat was repainted and went with a big pole and big kites in 2011. https://www.photoboatgallery.net/p596474437?fpciidx=24

That was okay, but it needed more. Next step was to make everything spicier. Cockpit seats were cut out to make a racing cockpit. Transom was opened up (and the IRC age allowance was lost), a retracting T-drive was installed, the rig was moved forward and went with non overlapping sails and outboard chain plates using an abandoned early generation TP52 rig from Europe that had been cut down a bit. The keel was changed to something resembling a Farr 40 keel.


It was around this time that the 44 fleet started flaunting bowsprits. Asyms were the rage but they weren’t ready yet so they went with asyms off a pole.


That Didn’t work so they put a standard J44 Sprit on and were using cut down TP52 kites in the 2015 season which was the last season for the boat. 


the boat has never raced in its current configuration, with a rating beater French inspired (JPK) IRC keelshape that's deep and grippy as well as the filled in bow and extended bowsprit. The keel may have been a 2015 feature. Anyways that’s it. 

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Actually thought it could be a nice opportunity to get an modern boat(asym, carbon mast and sails, modern cockpit) for small money.

You don't think the boat is possible for club/coastal races and short term cruising?


only the propulsion system looks not cruising friendly 


do you know the actual draft?

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On 6/18/2021 at 7:34 AM, Snowden said:

Funky concave bow extension. It's hard to do these and actually get it to look fair.


Well, there's a bunch of rated waterline that does nothing for hull speed, and makes the boat less controllable off the wind.  

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