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J80 backstay flicker

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Does anyone have pictures or advice on best mounting of a backstay flicker for the j80? I have a sparcraft mast but any guidance is appreciated.

Its pretty crowded up there with both windex and masthead running light (running light and windex fastening are standard)



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I added an rbs powder coated batten flicker to my sparcraft j/80 mast but I don’t have masthead light on mine.   I removed the windex holder and then thrubolted the batten by having the batten on top of the crane with the bolts coming down from the top and the nuts coming in from the bottom inside the cast crane.  The width of the crane was perfect to hold the nuts captive and keep them from spinning.  Then I mounted the windex mount on top of the batten with screws.  If your masthead light is far enough forward towards the front of the crane you might be able to pull this off also.  

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Some pics

Holes between the bolts are threaded to accept the windex mount.



the longer bolts stick down through crane to allow you to start nuts and then nuts are sucked up inside crane as you tighten.  Bolts are 1/4-20.  There already was one existing hole in crane fitting.  Just one to drill one more.


Make sure low friction ring opening  is big enough for eye on top of backstage to slide through. 

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