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Anyone near Burlington, VT?

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I am considering a boat for sale near Burlington, VT but I am in Canada so it is a bit difficult to go see it. I can't drive from Toronto area because of COVID and could fly at ridiculous cost. Looking for someone to have a gander at the boat to see whether the deal is worth pursuing. 

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We’ve just moved to VT, but at the other end of the state (Wilmington area, Near Mt Snow). We are however taking a family trip to Burlington either this weekend or next. Send me an email with details and we may be able to pop in and have a look. 
use the email you can find for me at Feinsteinlawfirm.com/ourattorneys/

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BC - Where is the boat?  Floating or on the hard?  Name of boatyard / marina?  Lots of options near Burlington but not all are easy to get to.  If Clean can do it, that's great, but maybe a local is already nearby.  Just a thought.

Best of luck


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8 hours ago, bored broker said:

I'm in Burlington

From the Department of Ridiculous Thread Drifts . . 

There is a new book out about Lake Champlain during the Rev War. 

it's really pretty nautical . .  and well written even !!

and the hero is . . .   You'll never guess !! 



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