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J/70 bowsprit ferrule fitting

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Hello all. Just had two great days of racing in Boryeong, South Korea on six brand new J/70s recently imported.

The boats were fantastic, but I had a lot of difficulty with the tack line. It was not possible to prefeed the tack line with any amount of friction in the line. The bowman had to "push" each amount of prefeed forward and then the tackline could take out the slack.

I looked at the tack line fitting at the end of the sprit, and it looks like a plastic spacer and not the "ferrule fitting" listed in the boat manual. The inside surface of the ring is a sharp 90 degrees. It does not look like a low-friction ring like is on the upper backstay.

I want to check if this is the correct fitting as we're going to race on these boats again next month. I can't find any specific information about this fitting either in the owner's manual or the one-design rules.

Does anyone know the correct information on this fitting or someone selling class-legal ones?


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