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Nomad Vanguard Rigging Advice

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I know this boat is now quite old but recently acquired one to sail with my family. The previous owner has told me to use the stern most hole on the mast step for the pivoting bolt however reading around this forum I see it should be the forward hole.  The issue is the rigging was replaced and shortened so I had to revert back to the original that luckily were kept.   My strategy is to forget the lower shrouds to start with and focus on getting the main shrouds and spreaders correct.   I assume the first job is to ensure the mast base is fully upright in the step before worrying about any other rig related aspects is that sensible?  Any other ideas about how I get the basic settings correct before I try adjusting more?

Anyone got and numbers about mast rake for this boat?

Thanks in advance! Keith



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I've always sailed with the mast in forward pin hole. The helm is balanced here. I have not tried the aft hole, as I think  you would need to rake the mast too far forward to get the helm to balance. Raking this far forward would likely close the jib slot due to increased leech tension, as the fixed jib lead would now effectively be moved forward when you move the mast aft (with the aft hole). 

I used to design sails for North One Design in San Diego- including the sails for the Nomad. The sail designs are based on the mast set in the forward hole position.

I love our Nomad- we bought it a few years ago to get our young kids comfortable and capable around boats. It is an awesome platform for young kids- wide & stable with a clean cockpit. Our kids are 6 and 4 and love sailing on it. We race at Folsom Lake YC in Portsmouth handicap- very laid back and fun. Nothing serious. I did build my own sails for the Nomad, including a masthead kite and a square top mainsail. Here is another previous thread on Nomads & family sailing

Cheers, use the forward hole for the mast. :)



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Had one for many years. The orientation of the mast base is meaningless.  It can be skewed a lot.  We used the forward hole if I remember correctly. that is a very flexible rig.  Very tunable for conditions.  Did two Everglades Challenges in ours so 600 plus miles of racing. Great boat.


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