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Not your typical Wednesday night set up! Blooper time

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Not something you see often in a Wednesday night beer can race.  Location is Lake Champlain Yacht Club, specifically out on Shelburne Bay.  The boat is Sundance, a Pearson 37 that has been raced on the lake for many years.  Course was a W4 (4 legs) with the legs being 1.25 miles long.  Breeze was north at 15 degrees and dying.  The blooper was hoisted on the final leg.  We were RC this night and took the shot from the RC boat.  Pretty cool to see the blooper out.

blooper photo.HEIC

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46 minutes ago, Steam Flyer said:

That's cool! Do you find that you gain a knot of boatspeed putting it, and another knot taking it down? Such is the legend of bloopers.....

And welcome back ZTH !!

FB- Doug

not our boat. we have the little Seascape 24. This is a friend

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2 minutes ago, Wetabehindtheears said:

The previous owner of my J24 had one made for it. I would occasionally break it out during a race for fun. My crew and I called it our attack sail.

With this boat it is all about fun and keeping the legend of the blooper alive.They hoist it every few years it seems.  I think I last saw it on a beer can race in '18 or '19.  They were having a tough race and were back in the pack when they tossed it up.

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2 hours ago, quod umbra said:

ease the halyard a bit to get more separation.

Yep, blooper is trimmed via halyard. I always aimed for about a foot off the water. Only really effective in a quite narrow AWA range also.  Purpose was to  stabilize death roll by off-setting kite on 70s era boats.  Not to add extra speed when you are already honking.  Flew mine on a Viking 33.

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