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Mercury 3.5HP 4 Stroke outboard - repair info

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Shot in the dark:

I got a 3.5Hp 4stroke mercury with a boat I purchased a few years back.  Finally took the time to get it running, but the actual propellor doesn't spin.  As far as I can tell there is an engagement mechanism near the bottom of the drive unit, but disassembly is not obvious.  Does anyone have any shop info / exploded diagrams for this engine?

There is a generic book, but it literally covers everything from 100+ HP to the little stuff and isn't very specific about the details of this engine...


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1 hour ago, Monkey said:

Before you get crazy tearing things apart, the 3.5 has a shear pin. For God’s sake, check that first!  You could be up and running in 10 minutes for about 12 bucks. 

A 1/4" bolt works in a pinch, too.

I second Zonker's comment. Pull the plug off on the port (I think?) side of the unit. You should find a pin traveling down, a shaft going up and a little linkage in between. If they are disconnected, put a string around the shaft to help bring it together. 

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