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Watching a few of the GL52s practicing from my window.  Today is sort of cloudy but it is supposed to get nicer later.  One-design racing starts tomorrow with the GL52s, J/111, J/70, and Melges 24 classes.   The Irish Party is tomorrow night after racing.  The only real change in the program is no meals being served at LTYC.

Anyone else here want to chime in on what you are seeing?  Any prognostications?

Looking forward to a fun regatta.


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Well, I guess this thread went nowhere.  I guess everyone who cares was at the regatta and not sitting on their computers commenting on a useless thread.


Friday one-design racing was fun with a shifty NNW wind coming out of the harbor.  The robotic marks were fun, especially in race 3 when one got away and they had to replace the offset with a standard orange inflatable. J/111s, J/70, and Melges 24s all seemed to have fun and stay out of each others way1

Saturday was "it is nuking out of the SW day."  This means long beats to Midbay and long runs to Airport.  Fun day but not without carnage.  A few retirements in the J/111 class.  The buzz boats all seemed to be having fun out at Forest Beach on their own circle.  Overall a great but hard day with a standard Harbor finish.

Sunday was "WTF...a NE wind day."  Long beats to Airport and runs/close reaches to Midbay.  The sun was out though and it was a fun time.  A bit different with the wind direction but nice racing nonetheless.

Overall, I would give this an A- only because the Mayor (standard breeze at 290) never really showed up.  Of course, as I am writing this, the Mayor is in the house and we have a Chamber of Commerce day.

Looking forward to next year!


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This thread needs pics...well, one at least, Fox stretching her legs in the breeze on Saturday. We never did enough to offset our jitters on day one and ended where we started, with solid 3rd. 


A real pleasure to be back in Harbor Springs after so long, 2005 was the last time. Pretty part of the country you have up there. 

Photo by Up Top Media (our drone guy) 


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