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Looking to improve the airflow through my J105 while at the dock.  Thinking of installing a couple of solar powered ventilators - one on the bow and one on the stern.  Would remove them before sailing in any kind of weather or racing.  Anyone have any suggestions or experience on this topic?  The boat is down here in the hot / humid south.

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I fashioned a substitute lower hatch board out of plywood, then mounted an exhaust fan in the board. We secure a “soft” solar cell over the boom to power the fan in daylight. Crack the two deck hatches for intakes. Fan (obviously) doesn’t run at night, but you don’t want super humid night air drawn into the boat. 

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Are you trying to prevent humidity build up

I really struggled with this on my boat, finally broke down and got a name brand 70 pint decompessor dehumidifier. It was about $200. That's way cheaper than the number of hinges and tools that corroded before I bought this thing. This is in San Francisco. Inside, I only have about a 25 degree daily internal temp swing - 50-75F most days, but I've had really good luck balancing electric use and dry cabin keeping it at 65%

If we go shrimping with the spinnaker or the boat gets put away wet, I'll set it to 55-60% RH and next weekend the boat is crispy dry. 70 pint decompessor dehumidifier can pull an enormous amount of water out of the boat daily.

There's a dehumidifier thread over in the gear subforum with significant discussion on the topic. I recommend getting one of those $50 remote battery powered bluetooth temp/humidity sensors, I use sensor push. You can track exactly what the dehumidifier is doing when you're not there 

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