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I'm still gobsmacked at Kusenko's hubris in taking the bet. This was a well understood topic with multiple carefully controlled demonstrations and theoretical descriptions. Kusenko ignored all of that.  As nearly as I can make out he dismissed Dr Mark Drela's paper without even reading the whole thing.

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The man still doesn't really understand what he's looking at - here's his concession. He says. inter alia  "Also, the video falls short of providing evidence that the motion faster than the wind occurs with a non-negative acceleration and that it is not caused by the wind variability. "


Its been said that we are all amateurs outside our own field, but its arguable that the closer to your own field you are the more likely you are to make an idiot of yourself. If I understand what he's saying correctly he doesn't seem to have grasped that the craft is operating in exactly the same way at 0.5 * windspeed as at 1.5* wind speed.

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