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Antrim 27 vs Melges 24

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We have both at our lake.  The Antrim is roomy and fast.  Enough below to overnight, take shelter or use the potti.  The Melges is fast, absolutely none of the other stuff.  Family sailing and racing?  Antrim.  One design racing?  Melges.

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As Swimsailor said, both could be at Bear Lake in Utah at the same time but haven't yet.  I'm the Melges 24 there (we have three but the others have yet to get organized) but we haven't raced head to head. We raced head to head against the Antrim 24 which is new to the lake.  We were mostly pretty even in light air, almost catching them at the finish in a pursuit race.  The owner of the Antrim 27 hasn't brought it out this year as he has a bunch of boats and has chosen to race the Moore 30 this year and the U20 midweek with us at Park City Sailing.

As for the family, probably the Antrim 27.  I'm taking the family out for a cruise this Sunday and my 8yo son has liked the Melges so far, at least it has a place to get out of the sun and those little seats on the side are pretty comfy but in general space is not what it's known for.

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This topic has been discussed before,... a lot.  Having owned both boats these are my observations.  in 10 knots and under the 24 will kill the Antrim.  The Antrim comes alive as the breeze builds in  18 +++ The Antrim is easier to sail and faster.   Having said that, it comes down to a boat that has some comfort or a boat that  is just a pure race boat (and one Design)  Both boat are great choices.

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As a 23 year owner of an Antrim 27 and having raced on and against Melges 24s, here are my observations:

1.  in lighter air the Melges is far less sticky and will be faster.

2.  what makes the Antrim 27 sticky in light air is her prismatic coefficient, or wetted surface, which makes her track like she's on rails when the wind builds.  Amazingly fast and stable when compared to the Melges.

3.  Any overnighting or distance racing in which you need to get out of the elements for a while the Antrim 27 hands down.  Done many weekends and long distance races aboard her.

4.  Pac Cup to HI:  at least 5 crossing come to mind, triple and double handed.

5.  stability goes to the Antrim.  Step aboard at the shrouds on both boats and you'll immediately notice the difference.

So, if there is no one design Melges fleet where you sail, it all comes down to how you want to use your boat.  Mileage varies.

Good luck and have fun!

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Very,  very different boats.   The Melges is a daysailer. The Antrim has the capability to do weekends and some offshore work,  at the expense of early planing.  Have sailed both,  a bunch.   The extra size of the Antrim is greatly appreciated by my older self, but the sea-keeping ability (for around here) is what would make me prefer the Antrim - but it's windy here.

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