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J-121 Crew Sought - Southern NE

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New J-121 program looking for reasonably experienced crew for racing medium and long distance racing.  First race is a 100 miler (Salty 100) on August 27-28 followed by some 25-30 milers to end the season.  Next year and beyond a more ambitious schedule is planned with races like Ida Lewis Distance Race, Edgartown Regatta, Block Island Race Week, Stamford/Vineyard, Marblehead/Halifax and perhaps Newport Bermuda (2004).  Boat is equipped to win.  Just need to augment my crew to enable her to fly.

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Good afternoon. I was wondering if your still looking for crew positions or alternates. I am available and live in RI. I have raced the bay for the past 10 years on and off including 2 Leukemia Cups, the Freddie Mitchel Block Island race and numerous sails filling in for beer can racing. Looking to board a fun, energetic but competitive boat for inshore, coastal and offshore racing.  I'm a licensed paramedic for over 18 years with safety at sea nearly complete.  If your have some spots still need filling I can provide my number for interview or face to face.  Feel free to email me directly. at drew@shopbent9.com

Have a great day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Drew

Positions held: Trimmer (headsail) I can trim main if needed, Mast and pit in an absolute pinch, rail meat and bottle opener. 

Catalina 36


Beneteau First

Hobie Cats

Vanguard laser 14ft

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