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Any ideas how to get a C-Map chart for Expedition? Totally stuck.

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I've tried purchasing an electronic chart for download via Expedition and the C-Map store, but after hitting submit for the purchase it says "Processing, please wait."  Then nothing happens.  I tried once, leaving it overnight.  When I go to the C-Map store transaction list, it says transaction failed.  I've tried multiple times and multiple cards.  I emailed C-Map and they said contact my bank.  I contacted my bank and they stayed on the line while I hit submit.  They never saw the transaction request and have no record of previous requests.  I emailed C-Map back and no response.  I called C-Map last Friday and they said someone would call me back.  I called C-Map today and they said someone would call me back.  

At this point, I'm at a loss, and I really just want a chart, so I can move along with my long to do list.  

Any suggestions?  How can it be this hard to buy a chart?  My understanding is that the only way to get a downloadable chart versus an SD card is to go through Expedition to the C-Map store.  Going directly to C-Map doesn't seem to offer the download option.  Not sure how long it would take to get an SD card, but I don't have much time. 

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I haven't tried the C-Map route with Expedition, and unfortunately my Expedition laptop isn't here, but I presume you are running Expedition 4D with the C-MAP map manager app installed?

I'm just curious, what location do you need a chart for? I've had great luck with the NOAA RNC's and ENC's. Personally I prefer the RNC's as they load faster than the ENC's on most lower cost laptops.

This is a pretty comprehensive list of chart options: https://opencpn.org/OpenCPN/info/chartsource.html

I have purchased charts from other sources (O-Charts, https://o-charts.org/index.html), for venues like the Caribbean where the free charts don't go. OpenCPN is pretty good for charting and basic navigation, certainly if racing you'd want everything in Expedition but its another option if you can't get the C-Maps working.

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When it comes to buying a new c-map (4D) chart or upgrading an existing chart for Expedition my experience has always been very negative.  Simply too complicated if you are used to the ease of upgrading a chart in an app like Navionics.

About 5 weeks ago I spent half a day trying to upgrade a chart and buy a new chart for the Expedition install on the boat of a friend of mine.  We got (jscript) errors on the C-map website,  the money was reserved on his credit card and we were simply not able to get the charts on the pc.   We submitted a ticket to c-map but until today didn't hear anything from them.

Then last week we decided to try again. Same problems. We decided to call the helpdesk in Italy and when we described the problems we had they guy immediately recognized them and said that was because of a problem they (c-map) have with their website (so the problem must be there for weeks....).    Then the guy from the helpdesk did some changes in our c-map account directly in the backend system and we were able to download the charts!

So my advice is:  call they c-map support desk and see if they can directly enable the charts you need on your account in the backend.


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Call C-Map. Have patience. Pay with CC over the phone. (The credit card processing system they use is what causes the problem.)

Pretty sure there is only one person at Navico that knows what Expedition is, but when you get him on the line the problem is almost instantly solved.


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On 8/23/2021 at 10:24 PM, Expedition said:

C-Map is normally quite responsive.

Another option would be ENCs from (eg) Chartworld or the Admiralty AVCS.

C-Map service in the USA was once great.

now, it is awful.

I had to call the other day, and the US phone number got me a call center in India.., and a guy who knew next to nothing about C-map on the PC.

I eventually got transferred to "Tier 2" which is in the USA.., but even they were not that helpful.

I talked to India and then Tier 2 twice.., while they tried to contact the Massachusetts office for someone who could solve my problem. They never got anyone...

That Masachusetts office is the one that we used to get directly when we called the US service number. I always got someone knowledgeable and helpful. In particular, they never cared about how many "crash recovery" unlock codes they had already given me for my NT charts.. You are only supposed to get one...

But with the 4D, yes you get them through the map manager  - it has worked fine for me.., even just a few days ago.




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