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Help finding our “first” boat

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We live in Gothenburg, Sweden and are looking to buy a boat for weekends with family, some local racing and short-hand/single-hand day sailing. What should I get?

-Sleeps minimum two adults and two kids (6&8)

-Engaging and fast to sail rather than comfort

-Short-hand friendly

-Under 40000 euro

-Located maximum 7 days sailing from Gothenburg

Been sailing most of my life but not since I got a family with small kids …have had a period with various motorboats. 

I love the french ocean racers like RM 1070/Django 9.80/Pogo 30 but can’t spend that money as a “first” boat. 

What about JOD 35…or First class 10?

or should I look at something more modern but smaller like a Comar Comet 26?

happy for any ideas!


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Archambault Sprint 95, natural habitat is France, though, but can be found below your budget


FF 95, one of the most overlooked light-displacement boats in this class, most of them in Holland, in my view:


X-99 could also fit, many found within the perimeter.


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..two adults and two kids (6&8)...

...Been sailing most of my life but not since I got a family with small kids...

...Engaging and fast to sail rather than comfort...


Let me offer a viewpoint, one parent to another.  Your prior sailing days are in the past.  You now have two kids who will soon spend most of their time with faces buried in electronic screens, if not already.  You have a wife who you want to keep happy who you hope will stay with you until your dying days.

So choose a boat that is ideal for the family, something each member of the family can find enjoyment with.  Perhaps something traditional to teach your kids about the meaning of boats and the call of the sea.  If you have the time to invest, perhaps a boat that is a bit of a project (but not to much) so the family can work together and be invested as a family.

I don't know your situation, but a boat can be an excellent teaching tool for kids about life.  (Or it can be a disaster if they are not invested).

  Familjen är inte en viktig sak. Den är allt


Good Luck !

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We bought an Omega 30S a couple of months ago, new standing Seldén mast, boom, rig, blocks, new sails, new Yanmar, new folding propeller, new chartplotter, etc., etc., etc. A boat I guess you're familiar with as you're swedish. It's probably too cruisey for you taking your post into account, but if you follow @Boathavns advice, it's perfect  :-)

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How about something made for that region? Within your budget, you may find a well-kept Luffe 37, Concorde 38, H-35, or Molich X. They all move smoothly through the Baltic chop and go upwind like nothing else. Did you check Scanboat? 

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