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NY Harbor Sailing Clubs

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There is a really nice Marina Club in Jersey City across from Manhatten called "Liberty Landing".  Nice facilities and nice location close to the city and the train.  Plus you get sail by Lady Liberty every day.  :D

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It really depends on what you want. There are no traditional, member owned clubs on the harbor (that I know of). There are such things in any direction: are up the river, City Island,  Sheepshead Bay, or Raritan Bay. The local offerings are mostly sailing schools with "clubs" to get access to their boats. As noted above, there are also plenty of for-profit marinas around.


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I sailed, raced and was also an instructor in NY Harbor from 1998 to 2013.  Subsequently, I have been back to visit friends and occasionally sail in NYC and have kept in touch with the area.

Without question, Hudson River Community Sailing (“HRCS”) is the class of the Clubs you mention.  In terms of quality of management, quality of boats/sails, ease of getting a boat/boat availability, racing, collegial membership, post-sailing drinking, cost and underlying mission, HRCS is at the top or near the top of each one of these metrics.  No other Club consistently scores as high in each one of these categories.

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14 hours ago, Goddard said:

I know all about the NYYC.. I was talking more inline with:



Hudson River


Which of these are good, bad & ugly.....

Are you interested in racing, or just sailing?

As far as the clubs which offer racing:

Manhattan Yacht Club is now in Jersey City - http://myc.org/.

The boats which used to belong to the Colgate Sailing school in Jersey City are now in Manhattan - http://northcovesailing.com/

I sailed at Hudson River Community Sailing for a year about 10 years ago - unless anything has changed, their race courses were in the Hudson, where they were subject to the full force of the current.  I recall many races where making the up-current mark in light wind was impossible.   Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge Sailing Club both set courses south of Manhattan, where the harbor widens up and they can get out of the strongest current (which can still be a beast, at times) - https://hudsonsailing.org/

Brooklyn has both J/80s and Melges 24s - so you can get to experience different boat types, and a fairly high performance boat, but it means that there really is two fleets of 6 or 7 boats rather than one fleet with 12 or 14 on the line - https://sc.bbsailclub.com/

I know nothing about the Hoboken group -https://www.shipyardmarina.com/sailing/club

If you're just looking to go sailing, there are a few other options, but I know nothing about them.




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