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Awarding Poor Seamanship

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Reminds me of a comment recorded by one of the passengers about the foundering of the schooner Mary E last July.

"The crew did everything just right!"

Except for that sinking thing, totally accurate.

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 "Good sailors who keep hitting shit!"


 ECSA should consider promoting Seamanship. It is desperately needed given the high number of collisions. The MC was on an ECSA handicapper's boat.  They sailed blindly into the path of a starboard tack boat while milling around the starting line on port tack. There was a collision and injury. The port tack boat had nobody looking to leeward and apparently cried victim on Facebook, as predicted.

 How can you impress the importance of seamanship when bloated egomaniacs think they own all points of sail?! Seriously, "they" are going to kill somebody on the water some day. 

 It sucks for those who are practicing good seamanship. They become moving targets and need to worry about fellow sailors more than wreckless powerboats.

 Chuckling about those incidents and creating an inane sideshow is sadly typical of the local mindset. Not all locals but enough to cause great concern for safety.

 The 1st guy called on stage was not driving his own boat. I'm giving him a pass.

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1 hour ago, IStream said:

Says the self-described Nazi.

Not a self described nazi , you twit. Surf nazi , It's a old nickname and very common old school surf parlance. Sorry for the big words. Go back to your labeling .  

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