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J/24 Old Style rudder

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I have a older J/24 rudder (not super old, its class minumum) with all the holes for the pintles in a straight line. It's in good shape, never been painted or damaged. A little chalky, but nothing polish wont fix. I have a boat with a new style rudder that has been painted with ablative paint. I have a more recent rudder in worse shape. I've heard when the holes are in straight lines they act like the perforations that make notebook paper easier to tear and the rudder can snap at those points. How much of a risk are they actually at for failure? Should I use the older nicer rudder or refurbish the newer one?

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James- I'm no expert, but my cousin's 83 has the staggered bolt holes. I'm pretty sure my 82 has them as well, but I'll have to look to make sure. Knowing the prior owners of both boats, I doubt they upgraded the pintles, so you're old rudder is probably pre 82. I got a "new" rudder in 92 since the old one wanted to split along the trailing edge. I believe the old rudders were a bit thick so they were often ground down to class minimum. If not done correctly, this could weaken them. Hopefully an actual expert (Gouv?) will jump on and clarify.

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