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Everglades Challenge 2022

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I know it's kind of early but just saw what I consider YUGE news.

SPAWN is going to do the Ultimate FL Challenge.

The 2018 version, for those unfamiliar with the boat/team.


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On 10/3/2021 at 12:25 PM, Dex Sawash said:

Are there any crazy filters in UFC like a portage?

100+ miles up the St Mary’s river, 40+ mile portage from the St Mary’s river to the Suwannee river, 200+ miles (really way, “way down the Suwannee river, far far away”) to the Gulf of Mexico.  

- Stumbling 

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A friend of mine, who has been to the beach for the start with me in the past, has gone from Speck Tater mode to participant. Or plans to anyway, in 2023. He bought a Tandem Island a month or so ago. It's in my driveway at the moment because he had to go to Miami so he dropped in to sail it in Charlotte Harbor. I was headed out fishing and would have gotten some nice drone pics of him sailing it, but my fishing boat broke and we aborted the trip.

His name's Bill and he looks like a middle aged computer dweeb. Looks are not deceiving. When I met him in 1981, he had a personal computer in his college dorm room. Profoundly weird at the time.

Don't misunderestimate him. As far as I've ever seen, he doesn't know how to quit. Also, an ex-foredeck guy, started sailing not long after he was done with diapers.

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