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10 hours ago, Grande Mastere Dreade said:

when you have a melges 24 but don't know how to use a ball hitch.


"He said pick up the one in the grey covers"

"Are you sure this is the right one? It looks like a J70 to me."

"Lets bring both, the J70 can go on the roof and we'll drag the Melges"

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Heard somewhere (likely this forum) that Rick's (Star Guy) truck was specially modified for the weight up top.  Agree that if the guy in GMD's post is doing a one-off, it is a recipe for doom and unmitigated failure.  

Wonder what they are using for a rack and why they cannot lower it the foot or so that appears between the trailer frame and the truck cab.  Every little bit would help.

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5 hours ago, AnotherSailor said:

I would fucking hate driving that! Top heavy, recipe for a roll over. 

But how do you rollover when you are not allowed to drive faster than you can walk? (Assuming this is America.)


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7 hours ago, fastyacht said:

Does Rick have a 3 element 14 MHz Yagi mounted in the cockpit or is that in the lot behind?

No, that’s his experimental ‘Maltese Falcon’ rig.

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