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1 hour ago, SEC16518 said:

Anyone have any experience with a shoal drat J/120?  How well do they perform compared to the standard?  


Faster than a standard draft J/120 in really shallow water.

A couple of years ago I was talking to one of the Johnstones (Jeff?) at the Annapolis show about the SD J/120 - he looked it up and (if I remember correctly) around 10% of them were the shoal draft version.

On the Chesapeake the SD version PHRF is 12 seconds a mile slower than the standard version.

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There is one doing some white sail racing on the bay.  Can’t really make an assessment as I think they are just learning to race it and it is jib and main so probably not as competitive of a fleet.  I have a standard draft 120.  I have seen a shoal draft 109 sail remarkably well for some time.  
If you put the effort in to making it a race boat (fast bottom, templated keel and good sails) it will probably do fine.  Only issue would be less demand for it when you go to sell.  I am guessing you are considering the one in FL that is really cheap?

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I raced on one for a handful of distance races. We would do ok with the standard keel boats off the wind, but they would start to walk away from us pretty quickly going up wind. We just couldn't point with them. Still a very nice boat to sail and race though. 

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