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Furler and continuous loop - what am I doing wrong?

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I need to tap into the braintrust of the forum here...

My friend and I installed a bowsprit on our 20ft trimaran, bought a screacher and intend to fly it on a furler. We sized the furler following the sailmaker recommendations. We had a line that fit well in the pulley of the furler, so I went ahead and did a end-to-end splice to make a endless loop of the furling line.

I followed instructions from here:


My "creation" looks like this:



Obviously, since one end of the line is inserted inside the other end (and vice versa), you end up with a section of the loop that is fatter than the rest.


PROBLEM: The line itself seems to be perfectly sized for the furler, it fits snuggly inside the pulley and does not slip. But the splice will not go through the furler. Since it is fatter, it is pushed to a larger radius on the furler pulley (it does not fit inside the deeper V profile of the pulley), and jams against the outer casing. See picture below:


You can clearly see that the top line, not spliced, fits snuggly against the inner side of the pulley. But the spliced section (lower line) being fatter, is on the outer part of the pulley, and jams up...

It is not the end of the world: If I start from the position above, and pull on the spliced line side, aaaaallllll the way until the splice jams up on the other side of the furler, I can make at least 65 turns. My friend checks; our screacher needs 30 turns, maybe 40 if we furl it real tight, to be fully furled. So in theory, we could start with the splice close to the furler on one side, and pull that side until the sail is fully furled.

But that means that we have to be careful which side of the line we pull...



My assumptions was that if you make a loop, it is for the line to be able to spin endlessly the furler. In other words, the splice is supposed to be able to go through the furler. Is that correct, or is it simply not possible???

If my first assumption is correct, how do I fix this? Is there another type of end-to-end splice that is thinning out the line such a way that the "fattening" of the line at the splice is not so important?

Should I simply use a thinner line, so the fatter splice can still go through the furler? My concern is that the current line is already riding on the throat of the pulley, if I use a thinner line, isn't it going to slide and not grab properly on the pulley???








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Yeah, you should be using a different line, double braid as mentioned above

if you want to use the single braid stuff you could cut six strands out of each end to reduce the bulk when spliced. 


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I’m surprised that single braid looks like Amsteel? is working, but since you say it is, then if I were you I would just undo, taper the tails thinner, make damned sure the splice is fair, and I would probably stitch all the way through the tails. This is bc what it sounds like is that the low friction UHMWPE tails and core are sliding so you have to lock them. As has been mentioned, strength is not as important so just make the splice fair.

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Thank you all for the enlightment! You did not disappoint!

OK, so I will redo it with a double braid small line as suggested. The video instructions above are clear.


Max Rockatansky, yes, the line we used was like Amsteel. And we did not see it slipping when pulling it through, but it is just both of us trying to hold on one side, and pulling on the other side. So it is most likely nothing like the resistance the line will have to overcome to furl a screacher in a building breeze. Since everybody agrees that a double braided line is a better choice for this application, I will not spit at the face of the gods and attempt something that is clearly not the right choice... :)


Thank you all again.

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