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Zeus3s info to H5000 Graphic Displays at helm

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The new Zeus3s 12 is installed at the nav table and plugs into the backbone of the B&G H5000. I have got the WhatIf? screen to work and can tell the AWA and AWS on the next leg of the race course. But I need this info at the helm where the Graphic Display is mounted at the binnacle. How do I do this?

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Spent some time looking at the B&G manuals.  The bad news: 

- The H5000 Graphic Display doesn’t seem to have a WhatIf? function (which is a Zeus-only app), so you’re not going to get an identical view as on the Zeus. 

- The H5000 Graphic Display has a Layline view but that is not detailed in the H5000 manual, so it may (or not) provide you the data you want. You can also create a custom view (eg 2x2 grid) and display next leg AWS/AWA. But all these functions are tagged as Hercules+, so if you only have the baseline H5000 then you need the paid software upgrade… The reason seems to be you need Hercules-level polar tables for those calculations, the H5000 won’t just accept the basic Zeus polar tables.  Maybe the manual is not accurate and the Zeus polar table is sufficient, but I wouldn’t bet on it…


The good news: 

- If you have a Hercules level processor already then you should be fine. Look for the layline page on the Graphic Display, and also try setting up a custom view.  See p95 on the H5000 operator manual for details: https://softwaredownloads.navico.com/Lowrance/FTP/Lowrance_Software%20-%20Copy/BG_Documents/H5000_OM_EN_988-10630-003_w.pdf

“Next leg apparent wind angle
Note: Only available using a compatible chart plotter with an active route with next leg bearing data

Next Leg wind information is a prediction of the conditions of Apparent Wind Angle and Speed that the yacht will experience after altering course onto the next leg.
This data is calculated from the current True Wind and a bearing for the next leg course. From this information the True Wind Angle on the next leg is calculated, then by using the polar tables the corresponding Boat Speed is given and hence the Apparent Wind Speed and Angle can be calculated.
Should the leg be upwind or downwind, rather than free, the H5000 calculates the data using the Target TWA on the favoured tack, this situation is indicated on the display by the position of a small bar at the top (upwind) or bottom (downwind) of the digits”. 

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why do you want to distract the helmsman with next leg AWA, AWS info? 

Showing them the NL course (way point Bearing) is reasonable. 

After rounding the Course to Steer is excellent

that's much more appropriately displayed on the Tablet that echo's the Zeus screen for somebody (tactician ?) to figure out sails to bring on deck and prepare for hoisting. 




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galactair. Thanks and we do have Hercules. I will see if I can set it up as you suggest later today.

LionessRacing. Fair enough and we will mirror to a tablet as well. I still prefer the WhatIf? data to be presented at the helm display and I have two of those. Someone else can read it other than the helm. Going below to read the Plotter is also an option but undesirable in short tight races. This is a yacht with all asymmetric sails (our crew has been sailing boats with symmetric kites for decades) and the need to choose sails accurately prior to the next leg is critical.

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