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Selling used sails: J105 Mainsail and Jib from UK Sailmakers

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Hello J105 owners, I have a main and jib from UK Sailmakers to sell together or separately.  I have the battons for the main, and the buyer pays shipping so can choose to ship them or not.

These J105 racing sails made by UK were used for about 1.5 racing seasons in Corpus Christi. Both the mainsail and jib are included in this listing and are in good condition, especially if you’re wanting to sail on a budget. All the hardware is in great shape. The window pane on the mainsail will need replacing, as well as several tell tales on the main. There are some slight discoloration areas and about 6 or 7 pinholes that could be easily repaired.

J105 Mainsail dimensions:

40’ 7” tall (P luff)

14’ 4” long (E foot)

J105 Jib dimensions:

38’ 7” tall

14’ long

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A sail builder looking to sell me a mainsail for my J92 is recommending a dacron crosscut sail, saying "that it is what the J105s use for their OD mains".  Although true, I suspect that they may use it for cost or consistency reasons rather than it being the better sail vs exotic material or even a tri-radial dacron sail. 


If allowed, would other than crosscut mains be preferred (faster)? 

Are there any J105s not racing OD that sail with mains other than the OD crosscut dacron?

Any input is appreciacted.


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105s use that due to class rules.  I can think of a lot of other options that would be superior.  What are your priorities?  The only area crosscut Dacron wins is price and longevity (not shape holding) i.e it will remain a triangle the longest.  A tri radial laminate would probably be the best bang for the buck.  Even then, lots of options.  A crosscut flex laminate might be a good choice for that boat as well.  I would talk to a few sailmakers and see what they propose based on your requirements.

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You can pay more for a dacron sail than a laminate sail, generally the price difference is negligible and you will be far happier after year 2 with a laminate over dacron. Top 105 dp dacron mains cost more than a comparable laminate sail.

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