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Used sails from J/100

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105% jib 

150% genoa Quantum 2016

CZ with Harken Reflex Top down furling luff cord and top+ bottom fttgs (no furler), 16.5' 

A2 (for 16.5' TPS)

Also J/27 asail and once used S1.5 sym for 37' IC and 12.5 TPS

Yes, I have an ad, cost me all of $1.00....

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21 hours ago, Blackadder said:

Luff 43' asmg +/- 25' top and bottom Harken swivels and luff line. NO Harken furler base. Could include haken furler base for extra $$

Damn. It almost fits for what I’m looking to try. I took a look at the J/100’s PHRF measurements and the only problem is the ISP coming up 3’ short on that zero. I was looking for a zero that tacks about half way out on my sprit and this would’ve been perfect. I could’ve even transferred the Reflex furler from my existing zero. 

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