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J/130 Bonkers is for sale

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Anyone know anything about J/130 Bonkers? It is for sale.

From what I have found using google it was apparently a Houston boat owned by a Bill Zartler prior to 2000. He won the Pineapple Cup with Bonkers in 2001.

In 2001 the boat was sold and trucked to San Diego. From there the New Owner sailed it across the Pacific to New Zealand, and had it shipped back to the Bay Area. Home port has been in the Bay Area ever since.

New Owner entered the boat in the 2008 Baja Haha (cruiser's rally on the west coast).

At some point along the way (maybe from the beginning, I don't know) New Owner took on a partner/co-owner. All this has been gleaned from google searches.

I am thinking about making an offer on Bonkers with the intent of taking the boat on an extended south pacific tour. (California->Baja->Marquesas->Tuamotus->Tahiti->Austral Islands->Pitcairn Island->Easter Island->Marquesas->Hawaii->California).

Mainly looking for information about the boat itself. I guess if you want to comment on the advisability or inadvisability of cruising a 28 year old J/130 half way across the Pacific and back, I am open to that. I admit to being a tiny bit nervous about it and wonder if I should buy a more cruisy boat. Of course, I will do a complete survey and refit as needed prior to leaving California.

If you want to comment on my cruising itinerary, let me know and I will start another thread in CA.

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On 11/26/2021 at 7:25 AM, OccDave said:

Looked at the boat it shows a lot of wear and tear.  Not sure if you did the survey or not but seems that there are some problem areas with the boat. 

It was in contract at one point but it didn't work out for whatever reason. Perhaps a survey was done.

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Yes Survey was done I have not seen it but has advised that there is some de lamination of some areas along with many other small things.  Again did not see the survey but it sounded like it could be major problems and no way of telling without a lot of work.  

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