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J35c bow sprit

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I recently bought a 1900 J35 C.  I currently use an ATN tack it collar to fly the asym chute and tack it to the roller furler.  I am looking for ways to avoid this and create a very short, but useable bowsprit to tack the chute to or use for a code zero.  It only needs to get the tack out in front of the bow pulpit.  

I was even thinking of just attaching a block to the bow roller, but I know it is not built to handle that load.


Has anyone done this?  I don't love the look of the Trogear bow sprits and want to keep it simple up front.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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StoweVT:   Welcome to this forum.  I'm guessing you have the J/35C that is moored in Shelburne Bay, recently renamed 'Majestic', correct?   We have a J/110 at LCYC across the bay, we sailed by you once or twice this summer and waived.    You have a great boat, I know the former owner.   The J/35C is almost identical to the J/110.   One key difference is that J/Boats put a retractable sprit on the J/110, so we don't have this particular challenge.

I think the J/35C uses the same removable anchor roller that the 110 does.   It slides on and off of two pins at the aft end of the roller.   It is very beefy, but is really designed for downforce only.   The stem fitting is very strong, and the roller fitting is pretty beefy too, but I think you would want a way to secure the front of it to the stem fitting so that the spinnaker is not trying to 'peel' it off the deck.    I note that the J/42 in the photo seems to have an eye mounted on the bow below the anchor roller to take the upward force of the tack.   The anchor roller is then just resisting any aftward force on the tackline, so that could work.   Bill Fastiggi at Vermont Sailing Partners may have some ideas about how to rig this sail on this boat, if you haven't already, I'd contact him to see if he has any suggestions.

We have had our J/110 for 13 years now and know the boat fairly well.  Happy to answer any questions you may have about them.   Feel free to respond on the forum or DM me for direct contact information.


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