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J/130 rudder construction

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How is the J/130 rudder constructed.

I am looking at a J/130 for sale and a prior survey (which I don't have access to) noted some debonding on the starbord side of the rudder. I think this is based on tapping the rudder with a hammer. The information is second hand to me, but the report was from an actual marine surveyor.

I have not yet made an offer but I might. I am curious how the rudder is constructed because it might inform my decision about how to go forward (what further testing should be done to determine the extent of the debonding and how to repair it).

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Not my boat yet but I will take another look at the rudder post when I get a chance.

Is the rudder itself GRP over a foam core or something like that? Solid GRP? I guess there is no grid of any kind. The GRP skin is just bonded to the GRP stock during manufacture?

I have seen some rudders with stainless stock and some kind of stainless grid or framework inside. I guess the spade rudders on J boats are not like that, which is probably a good thing.

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I don't know what interior construction was. Best guess, they were made same as metal post rudders. GRP stock with some sort of flanges projecting out aft. Two half shells of rudder blade. Stock laid into one shell, high density filler poured in. Repeat for other half.

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