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Is this the ex-DC CF-27 for sale in SA classifieds?

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There is a CF-27 in SA classifieds named Menace - asking $2500.  https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/owner-14/

Oddly enough the boat is in Mississippi - I don't know why anyone would pay the trucking charges to get a 27 footer from SoCal to MIssissippi -  unless it was a really special boat.

IIRC, Connor's Menace was black as well.

Looks well taken care of and DC had optimized that boat to the nine's and many many hours fairing the bottom and foils - although that was also many years ago, so who knows if the bottom is still in that condition.

Anyways, for anyone in a light air area, the stock CF-27 is a PHRF killer and if this is the ex-DC Menace then doubly so.


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Probably the same Menace.  It was purchased by someone on Pontchartrain and raced for a while before being struck by lightning during a race.  Blew a hole out of the bottom and almost sank before being towed to a dock with a pump.  So Jackson would check out as a current location.

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